David Brower

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  • Username: dbrower
  • Program Director
  • Role: Listener

Recent Pieces from David Brower

Caption: Cast of Occasional Shivers

Occasional Shivers (58:58)
From: WUNC

It’s a podcast and radio special that features a who’s who of the NC Music scene. Set in 1960s Manhattan, this radio drama is composed by Southern-pop icon Chris Stamey.
Caption: Fontezia Walker

Youth Radio Institute: Fontezia Walker (American Graduate) (05:35)
From: WUNC

The series from the WUNC Youth Radio Institute concludes with a story from Fontezia Walker.
Caption: Jasmine Farmer

Youth Radio Institute: Jasmine Farmer (American Graduate) (05:29)
From: WUNC

The WUNC Summer Youth Radio Institute continues with a story from 19-year-old Jasmine Farmer.
Caption: Dontá McCormick

Youth Radio Institute: Dontá McCormick (American Graduate) (06:17)
From: WUNC

Second installment from WUNC's Summer Youth Radio Institute
Caption: Addie Malone

Youth Radio Institute: Addie Malone (American Graduate) (05:57)
From: WUNC

In the summer of 2012 WUNC established its first ever Youth Radio Institute. The station hired five young people -- and two mentors -- to produce reports from their communities.
Caption: The Monti American Graduate

Special: The Monti American Graduate (59:01)
From: WUNC

The Monti - American Graduate Special is an hour of true stories from the front lines of North Carolina’s high school drop out crisis.