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Comment for "Attention Deficit Drugs Black Market on Campus"

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Review of Attention Deficit Drugs Black Market on Campus

This piece deals with a common problem faced among the younger generation today, drug abuse. This focuses particurally on college students who take these prescription drugs illegally because they do not belong to them. The most common cases talked about are for an extra boost on school work such as school papers because these drugs make them feel "more alive." The harsh reality is that it becomes more than just a casual thing for most, it becomes an addiction. Pretty soon most of those who take these drugs become dependant on them and belive they can not function as well without them. This piece addresses that fact and gives perspectives from students who take these drugs and/ or have in the past.

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Review of The Day After...

" The Day After" gives us a very realistic look into what alot of teens are facing today, the death of their fellow peers and friends. This story takes place the day after the shooting of a 16 year old boy in his home town. The producers go around and talk to the peers of this young teen, Jeremiah, and get a first hand reaction from those who knew the victum. This way of coveying the information to us is very effective because many of the younger generation go through this everyday and we don't know how they take really feel about it rather than only feeling sympathy for the situation you don't know the whole story behind. This piece reveals what teens feel after an event like this has occured first hand, in their own town.