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Recent Pieces from Joe Barr

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Place and Privilege (53:56)
From: Capital Public Radio

Sacramento is considered one of the most integrated and diverse cities in America. But neighborhoods in California's capital are changing, in part, because of severe housing ...
Caption: Laura Aguilar at grad school, Credit: Andrew Nixon/Capital Public Radio

California Dream, Undocumented (53:58)
From: Capital Public Radio

More than 3 million unauthorized immigrants live in California. This one-hour documentary tells stories of three immigrants from Mexico: a working father of three, a dental ...
Caption: Erica Johnson takes a moment after feeding her four kids before she eats dinner alone., Credit: Capital Public Radio/Andrew Nixon

Hidden Hunger (54:00)
From: Capital Public Radio

Despite the Sacramento region's agricultural abundance, many in our community don't always know where their next meal will come from. Hidden Hunger tells intimate stories of ...
Caption: Rick Rayburn cares for his wife Marianne who has dementia., Credit: Andrew Nixon | Capital Public Radio

Who Cares (54:03)
From: Capital Public Radio

If you're not a caregiver now there's a good chance you'll become one, joining an estimated 66 million adults who make up the "backbone" of America's long-term care system. ...
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Class Dismissed (54:04)
From: Capital Public Radio

This one-hour documentary takes an intimate look at the high school dropout crisis through the lives of three young people from California's Central Valley. Their stories ...
Caption: Freddie Topete at Adult Transition Program, Credit: Andrew Nixon/Capital Public Radio

Autism Grows Up (54:02)
From: Capital Public Radio

2013 Sigma Delta Chi Award winning one-hour documentary explores what's happening twenty years after a sharp rise in autism rates. Thousands of children are aging out of ...
Caption: Carolyn Jackson in dialysis, Credit: Andrew Nixon/Capital Public Radio

Dealing With Diabetes (54:03)
From: Capital Public Radio

November is American Diabetes Month and this award-winning program tells first-person stories from the Type 2 diabetes epidemic. Health Care Reporter Pauline Bartolone ...
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Mechanics Apprentice (02:19)
From: World Vision Report

13-year old Mamadou Barry had to strike out on his own at an early age. Unlike other kids, Mamadou has no parents sacrificing for his future. He’s had to figure it out ...