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Comment for "The American Dream and the Minimum Wage"

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Review of The American Dream and the Minimum Wage

Good balance between authorities and the real people that fight everyday to survive. It's not hit you over the head with opinions which I like. This is a very good methodical yet quietly human piece.

Comment for "11 Central Ave #17"

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Review of 11 Central Ave #17

A polished, extremely well crafted verbal comic machine gun of everyday life.
This is a very good piece whose ping pong pace builds and weaves and knows when just to stop. Captures the rapid non sequiturs of a family on the move which always in a strange yet absurd way make perfect sense.
The men are great in this, kind of like a mildly inebriated greek chorus. Again there is great skill in that they don't go overboard
which gives it a multi dimensional feel of both being tongue in cheek and believably alive.

Comment for "Olbermann's Suspension of Rationality about 24"

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Review of Olbermann's Suspension of Rationality about 24

Paul Levinson skillfully raises the question of commentators creating controversy as an end in itself.
Political opinions are as much about entertainment are they are about issues. Suspense whether terror related or not, sells and this is what 24 feeds off of.
It's just as absurd as believing Keith Olbermann has created net neutral opinions as it is to say Bill O"Reilly has created a No Spin Zone.
I say this despite the fact I like Mr. Olbermann.

Comment for ""A Mathematical Valentine""

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Review of A Mathematical Valentine

I like the feel of this piece particularly the idea that a math teacher is making an effort to console us in the world of endless emotion.
Definitely timely and a breath of fresh air for the upcoming Valentines Day.