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Recent Pieces from Melissa Olson

Caption: Artwork depicting George Floyd created by Peyton Scott Russell at 38th and Chicago Ave in South Minneapolis., Credit: Ryan Dawes

Ep. 27: What Do We Do Now? (24:45)
From: KFAI Minneapolis

When George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police on Memorial Day, pain and anger blasted like a shock wave across the Twin Cities and the world. Floyd’s death was followed ...
Caption: Twin Cities hip-hop artist Nur-D., Credit: Ryan Dawes

Ep. 26: What Are You Making? (26:36)
From: KFAI Minneapolis

We’re still social distancing. But we’re still making stuff. Some artists have changed what they make. Others have changed how they make it. KFAI’s Barb Abney hosts from home ...
Caption: Dancer Djenane Saint Juste, Credit: Ryan Dawes

Ep. 25: How Are You Doing? (19:37)
From: KFAI Minneapolis

Hear stories of Minnesota artists making it work in this time of social distancing. Barb Abney hosts the Season 4 launch from her daughter's bedroom while social distancing ...
Caption: Z Puppets Rosenschnoz performing arts troupe in Minneapolis., Credit: Melissa Olson

Learning Tsalagi, One Turtle Step at a Time (06:11)
From: KFAI Minneapolis

Z Puppets Rosenschnoz is a performing arts troupe in Minneapolis. One of their productions, "Say It! Sing it! Play It!" uses song and storytelling to teach Tsalagi, the ...