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From the Finish Line: Ironman Boulder (03:57)
From: Sarah Dalgleish

A year after the death of a participant in Ironman Boulder 2016, an athlete, a volunteer, and a spectating family share their thoughts on the race and the community that ...
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Mutton Mowers: Goats as Weed Control (03:40)
From: Sarah Dalgleish

The company Mutton Mowers grazes goats around the city of Boulder as an alternative method of weed control and removal. Last week, the Parks and Rec Department and Mutton ...
Caption: The TEDx stage where Colwell gave his talk, Credit: Stephen Jaye

Museum Ethics (17:35)
From: Sarah Dalgleish

Sarah Dalgleish speaks to Chip Colwell, the Senior Curator of Anthropology at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science about his focus on museum ethics and his experience ...