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Caption: David Venes (right) poses at the Tacoma Needle Exchange van with his dog, Ethel, and outreach worker, Laura Reynolds., Credit: Amber Cortes

S2 Ep 8: Needle exchanges and harm reduction (22:21)
From: Anna Boiko-Weyrauch

In this episode we look at the idea of harm reduction and focus specifically on needle exchanges. Those are hundreds of places across the US that hand out clean equipment, ...
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An interview With Charlene Mitchell (13:20)
From: Amber Cortes

An interview with radical activist Charlene Mitchell, who ran for president with the Communist Party in 1968.
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Lady Presidents (12:04)
From: Amber Cortes

Did you know that over fifty women have run for U.S. President? Women were running for president before they could even vote! Featured are the lives and words of the first ...