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Comment for "Cathy, 16, Mom"

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Review of Cathy, 16, Mom

This piece is refreshing because its narrator is a real person, not a polished public radio producer. The scenes are also not the typical predictable, controlled scenes but reveal unexpected events in the life of a teen mom.
There is obviously a level of intimacy established between Elzas and 16-year old Cathy that allows the teenager to open up in a very real way, swearing and all. You hear her teenage enthusiasm for music ie. OutKast, and how she reacts wildly when her son spills over the baby's formula, or she how admits how she sometimes feels like shaking her son. But you also hear her in more sober moments talking about her love for her sons, how its hard to be a mature adult when she?s only 16, yet how she thinks she?s a better mom being younger. You sense she is a long way away from her dreams of having a career.
It is a very alive and realistic portrait of a teen mom that listeners will enjoy.

Comment for "Following Nature's Lead: Natural Wisdom Applied to Modern Dilemmas" (deleted)

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Review of Following Nature's Lead: Natural Wisdom Applied to Modern Dilemmas (deleted)

Very thought provoking - perfect for deep-thinking listeners. Cutting-edge. Is a nice complement to other documentaries as it doesn't address the economic, cultural, political implications of globalization - but gets right to the heart of the matter - how all living beings are connected and how nature can help solve many of the dilemmas that result as the planet becomes more populated, polluted, and developed.
Extremely well-produced.