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Caption: Venom Diagram, Credit: Seth Shostak

Venom Diagram (54:00)
From: Big Picture Science

Evolution has outfitted some animals with a highly effective mechanism for saying “back off!”. Venoms can ward off predators and disable prey, and some can even be ...
Caption: Volcanic Mind Melt, Credit: Seth Shostak

Volcanic Mind Melt (54:00)
From: Big Picture Science

The more than a thousand volcanoes that dapple Earth’s surface mark the edges of tectonic plates, spewing hot gas and ash, or boiling over with lava. Meet a few ...
Caption: Skeptic Check: Useful Delusion, Credit: Seth Shostak

Skeptic Check: Useful Delusions (54:00)
From: Big Picture Science

Can self-deception be useful? During the pandemic, it has been fashionable to say that we’re “following the science,” and that our behavior is determined by verifiable facts. ...
Caption: Neanderthal in the Family, Credit: Seth Shostak

Neanderthal in the Family (54:00)
From: Big Picture Science

Back off, you Neanderthal! It sounds as if you’ve just been dissed, but maybe you should take it as a compliment. Find out how our assessment of Neanderthals has undergone a ...
Caption: DecodeHer, Credit: Seth Shostak

DecodeHer (54:00)
From: Big Picture Science

They were pioneers in their fields, yet their names are scarcely known – simply because they didn’t have a Y chromosome. We examine the accomplishments of two women who ...