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Caption: The right to Die, Credit: unknown

The Right To Die (24:45)
From: Anton Foek

In this audio piece the audience visits the Netherlands and listens to a way of dying in dignity. We tell the story of how the Dutch may have found an alternative for ...
Caption: Mosquito Net

The Last Mosquito (07:19)
From: Anton Foek

According to scientists from all over the world approximately 1 million people die of malaria every year. The world community spends billions of dollars trying to eradicate ...
Caption: Istanbul, Credit: Anton Foek

Shame On Holland Again (07:14)
From: Anton Foek

In Nederland willen we eerlijk en open met elkaar omgaan. Maar als het aan het Openbaar Ministerie ligt wordt daar grof en oneerlijk onderscheid in gemaakt. Neem de zaak ...
Caption: Botafogo Beach in Rio FGV's home

Distant Learning as Development tool in Brazil (11:07)
From: Anton Foek

Prof. Stavros Xanthopoloylos is the Executive Ditector at the on-line Getulios Vargas Foundation in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. He is convinced that his methodology a key factor ...
Caption: Cobi teaching some of her 200 orphans, Credit: Anton Foek.

Angry Black and White in South Africa (10:38)
From: Anton Foek

Cobi is a Dutch nurse liiving and working in a South African township. She helps orphans getting over their Aids HIV stigma and against the violence and rapes, by organising ...