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More great stuff from Sheir

So far, I haven't come across a piece by Rebecca that isn't fantastic. This story continues that trend. It's told with a brisk pace that really fits the material.

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Review of A Missile Base Called Home

Another fantastic piece from Eric. He has a way of sucking you into the story and making seven minutes fly-by.

Like so many good stories, it began with a great idea. From there, then it only gets better with great writing, great sound, and great reporting. It's a good mix of personal storytelling and reporting.

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Review of Sweetheart's Ball

This is a fantastic vox pop. Snappy, well-produced, and most of all, so endearing. It's also quite funny at times. I want to play this for everyone I know.

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Review of Who Killed Santa Claus For You?

I love this piece. It could add great punctuation to any holiday special.

Like any good voxpop, it's the question that is asked that makes it so good. That is to say, this is very simply a great idea. It's also well produced and mixed, and it seems like the perfect length. (It doesn't drag, but it doesn't seem too abbreviated.)

Well done!

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Review of Kasper Hauser: Phone Call to the 14th Century

Wow, this is funny. I've found it difficult to find sketch-comedy on public radio that really makes me laugh, but this piece did it. You wouldn't describe this piece as "subtle", but its strength lies in the seemingly throw-away nature of some of the lines. And, of course, the idea itself is a great place to start. This piece strikes the right tone and rhythm, and -- as another reviewer mentioned -- the length fits the content.

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Review of Escape Velocity

This audio snapshot is impeccably produced and mixed. It has very high production standards and it's very listenable. The montage at the end is an interesting technique that's used effectively. The length seemed slightly excessive for the content -- I could have seen this being a little shorter, or it might have been nice to hear from someone with a more outside POV. But overall, very nice job putting this piece together.

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Review of Christmas with Grandma

i think this is a fantastic little piece. i consider myself a pretty tough audience when it comes to public radio humor, but this story had me laughing at my desk. the rhythm of the piece really makes it work, and the writing is clever without being TOO clever or snarky. the producer allows the story's natural humor come through without overburdening it with jokes and asides. nice work, i say.

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Review of Soul Savers in The Big Easy

This is the exact type of thoughtful half-hour piece we were hoping to find when we decided to run a Katrina show. It's well produced and gripping. The three men interviewed are great story tellers, and their conversation is nicely woven together without narration. The only small criticism I have is that the piece takes a very different turn about 2/3 of the way through, when all the action ends and the criticism/analysis begins. The mens' comments about the way the Katrina situation was handled and their general complaints about the administration are important to hear, but it begins to wear on the listener after a while, making the beginning of this documentary much stronger than the end. I wonder if those big-picture observations at the end of this piece could have been sprinkled throughout the entire half-hour more evenly to keep the listener more engaged to the end.

Having said all that, I think this is a really excellent production, and I was very happy to find it. It's a story that should be heard, and it's told here very well through a producer who knew what he was doing.

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Review of Hobo Confessions (deleted)

i like this piece a lot. i think its beauty is in its simplicity -- a man telling an interesting story. i like the use of a single piece of music to drive the story forward, and i like the way the producer avoids over-producing the piece. there are no train whistles or old railroad songs used; the content stands on its own as one man's story.

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Review of A Radio Rorschach Test

when i heard this piece on the PRX podcast, i knew right away i was going to have to find a way to play it on our local radio show. there are a lot of great things about this piece, but most importantly, it's simply a really good idea for a story. beyond that, it's well executed, well produced/mixed, and the narrator strikes the perfect tone. it's funny and fun without sounding like it's trying really, really hard to be funny and fun.

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Review of Cathy, 16, Mom

This piece is good because it doesn't really hold back. It's pretty raw, and it covers the many different moods of the situation. The tough subject matter wouldn't have been as well-represented if Sarah had taken out the hard-to-listen-to stuff (like the desire to violently shake the children).

Our show used this piece next to an interview about a book that collects one-day diary entries from women across the country. I think they worked well together.

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Review of Fisher Poets (deleted)

This is a really nice piece. It's a good example of how public radio can introduce us to worlds that we'd never be let into otherwise. The production is good and the voices are great.