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i think this piece is hilarious and there are so many stories involved with driving and first times driving. nice diversity of voices.

those levels aren't too hard to fix. watch your levels as you're editing, instead of going by your ears. you can even turn the sound off and just make they're consistent. also, new bit of criticism, slow down a bit while reading. cause your writing is smart and you swallow some of your best lines.

i love when the music cuts out as the guy gets a speeding ticket! good comic timing.

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David's voicing is somber, straightforward, and engaging. It is important to hear a teen mother speaking candidly as she goes through her day. I would like to see response pieces from other areas in the country. Makes me wodner: How do other public school systems handle students with children? Is Meyia privileged to have this program, or is this the norm?

A tightly edited and written portrait, but the tone is a little PSA sounding, since there is more telling than "showing."

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Soda Habit

Haha! Did Claire make you do this a penance for drinking so much soda, Libby? Great outrage/sarcasm/annoyance. Easy to listen to and informative essay.

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Youthcast Selection!

Using this on Youthcast! I love that you contradict yourself through your brother, blaming the energy comsumption in the house on him, and then having him turn it around on you. It's a "lesson learned" piece, without being too heavy handed about the importance of self-awareness. Sound rich!

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My Thoughts

Sometimes it's hard to understand what the speaker is saying, but the sounds and rhythm and the words that do pop, leave me with a wary feeling.