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Recent Pieces from Claudia Catania

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Counting in Sha'ab by Emma Goldman Sherman (21:40)
From: Playing on Air

"Life as usual and then the sky falls in." There's a crater in the middle of the street - again. After a deadly car bomb explodes in the Sha'ab neighborhood of Baghdad, ...
Caption: Michael C. Hall

The Big Easy: Short Southern Comedies (53:19)
From: Playing on Air

THE BIG EASY features two charming audio comedies set in and around New Orleans, Louisiana. First up is NUDITY RIDER, by actor and playwright Hamish Linklater, about an ...
Caption: Carol Kane

A Hedgehog and a Spatula (53:05)
From: Playing on Air

A HEDGEHOG AND A SPATULA, with performances by Carol Kane, Jeremy Shamos, April Matthis, and Emily Bergl, features recordings of the winners of Playing on Air's 2018 James ...
Caption: Molly Bernard

Non-RomCom (53:00)
From: Playing on Air

NON-ROMCOM features two short plays by young female playwrights. Both Patricia Cotter's RULES OF COMEDY and Chiara Atik's 52ND TO BOWERY TO COBBLE HILL, IN BROOKLYN shine a ...
Caption: Jim Dale

The Mystery at Twicknam Vicarage by David Ives (29:33)
From: Playing on Air

From the beloved narrator of the Harry Potter audiobooks and the playwright of Venus in Fur comes a wickedly clever whodunit.
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Last Night in the Garden I Saw You by John Patrick Shanley (29:18)
From: Playing on Air

With one hop of the fence, a star-crossed lover (Emmy nominee Rupert Friend) storms back into the life of the married woman (Golden Globe winner Michelle Williams) he ...
Caption: American Horror Story's Denis O'Hare, Credit: FX Networks

Wildwood Park: A Short Thriller Starring Denis O'Hare (53:00)
From: Playing on Air

Denis O’Hare (“American Horror Story”, Tony winner for Take Me Out), and Kristine Nielsen (Tony nominee for Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike) star in thriller WILDWOOD ...
Caption: Susie Essman of "Curb Your Enthusiasm"

HOLY MOLY: Two short comedies by Alan Zweibel and David Ives (53:00)
From: Playing on Air

In PLAYING GOD, a divine comedy from SNL's Alan Zweibel, God (Bill Buell), over the objections of a heavenly assistant ("Curb Your Enthusiasm" star Susie Essman), challenges ...
Caption: Michael Stuhlbarg, Credit: Daniel Bergeron

Closing Costs by Arlene Hutton (23:17)
From: Playing on Air

Starring Michael Stuhlbarg (Call Me By Your Name) and Amy Ryan (Gone, Baby, Gone). In Closing Costs by Arlene Hutton, a real estate broker hits threshold when a client ...
Caption: Jane Alexander

The Helpers by Cusi Cram (29:23)
From: Playing on Air

Staring Jane Alexander and Peter Jacobson. In THE HELPERS by Cusi Cram, a former client steps up to help his therapist after seeing her talking to herself in the ...