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  • Host/Executive Producer of Sea Change Radio
  • Role: Producer/Reporter: Independent

Recent Pieces from Alex Wise

Caption: Barbara Freese

Barbara Freese: Industrial Strength Denial (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

The next time you hear the White House assert that up is down and down is up, consider what paved the way for this template of mendacity. This week on Sea Change Radio, we ...
Caption: Jeremy Miller

Jeremy Miller on Foxes, Henhouses and Trojan Grouses (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

The Republican habit of putting wolves in charge of our nation’s henhouses hits those who love the environment particularly hard. This week on Sea Change Radio, we speak with ...
Caption: Mark Tulay

The Dow of Deception: Mark Tulay (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

As the horrendous economic news continues to pile up, somehow stock prices keep bouncing back, leaving many of us scratching our heads. This week’s guest on Sea Change Radio ...
Caption: Marie Mockett

Marie Mutskui Mockett: American Harvest (28:30)
From: Alex Wise

Anyone who has gone to the grocery store during the COVID-19 health crisis must have wondered to themselves at some point why there was no toilet paper, milk or flour all of ...
Caption: Liz Kimbrough

Chinese Air Quality + Ekoru Search Engine (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

Looking for some good news as we enter yet another week of sheltering-in-place? Perhaps you feel like doing a Google search to discover an upside to the slow down? As this ...
Caption: Matt Haney

Matt Haney: COVID Contingencies (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

Over the years, we’ve learned from countless sustainability experts that in the climate change fight it makes sense for humans to live more densely and efficiently. Now, ...
Caption: Rebecca Vallas

Rebecca Vallas: Erasing the Hierarchy of Humanity (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

Corona Virus Disease 2019, also known as COVID-19, is spreading, and threatening the lives of the physically vulnerable, including the elderly and people with a variety of ...
Caption: Jim Motavalli

What The Truck? Vehicle Expert Jim Motavalli (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

Did you know that the three best selling vehicles in America are all pickup trucks? This week on Sea Change Radio, we speak with auto expert Jim Motavalli about the truck ...
Caption: Stefanie Lemcke

Driven To Tears: Stefanie Lemcke + Jim Parry (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

Do you ever find yourself sitting stuck in traffic with your thoughts moving from benign irritation with the sheer number of cars on the road, to a fixation upon humanity’s ...
Caption: Steve Almond

Steve Almond: How To Take Back the White House in 2020 (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

What can all the money in the world buy you? Thanks to the Beatles, we already know it’s not love, but could it perhaps buy you the most powerful office in the world? We may ...