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Radio K (KUOM) is the award-winning student-run radio station of the University of Minnesota, playing an eclectic variety of independent music both old and new. Radio K educates students, breaks ground in musical programming, and provides cutting-edge cultural coverage through our specialty shows.

Radio K began broadcasting back in 1912 and continues this proud tradition today.  From farm reports and football games broadcast in Morse code to education for homebound kids during the polio epidemic; from Garrison Keillor's radio roots to being one of the reasons Rolling Stone magazine thinks the U of M rocks, Radio K has covered a lot of ground in its 100+ year history.


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Student by day, musician by night.

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  • Updated: Oct 17, 2017
Caption: Radio K (KUOM)
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Behind the Scenes with MN Musicians: Off-Mic & On-Camera

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  • Updated: Oct 17, 2017
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K Local is a collection of the best new music from the Twin Cities, curated by Radio K's Off the Record every month. Listen to Off the Record every Friday from 3-5PM for an ecclectic mix of everything that's happening in the Twin Cities scene.

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  • Updated: Jul 23, 2019
Caption: Radio K Quick Queue, Credit: KUOM
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Radio K's Quick Queue is quick. It's slick. It's sound-rich. And in around ninety seconds you'll know an awful lot more about the Arts & Culture scene in the Twin Cities than you did two minutes ago.

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  • Updated: Oct 14, 2014
Caption: Radio K - Culture Queue - the art show that rocks., Credit: KUOM
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Radio K's award-winning Arts and Cultural program, dedicated to telling stories about the many wonders of the Twin Cities that you won't hear anywhere else.

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  • Updated: Oct 14, 2014
Caption: Off The Record; On To Video from Radio K
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Minnesota local music in-studio performance every week!

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  • Updated: Oct 14, 2014
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The weekly arts and cultural magazine program dedicated to helping you discover the Twin Cities.

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  • Updated: May 25, 2016
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Like a tweet for the airwaves; it’s 90 seconds of lifelong learning with a rock and roll sound track.

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  • Updated: Jul 08, 2015

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"Kakapitshi" Meaning a conglomeration. "You can have [reasonable choice 1] or you can have [reasonable choice 2] or you can have Kakapitshi". 2:56...

  • Added: Feb 24, 2020
  • Length: 28:05
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Hard Looks peeked into our studio to play some songs for us!( Recorded 2.7.20 at Radio K.

  • Added: Feb 14, 2020
  • Length: 08:27
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Jake Hasapopolous and KoldKral of 101115hotel bring us into their world and ‘the Hotel’. “The hotel is a being, we wanted to make art people could...

  • Added: Feb 13, 2020
  • Length: 35:49
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Ride along with RCP as we interview some musicians from around the country before sitting down to chat with comedian Eric Andre. 1:00 - Sam Kabla...

  • Added: Feb 10, 2020
  • Length: 36:09
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4th Curtis counted their way into our studio to play some songs for us!( Recorded 1.31.20 at Radio K. http://radio...

  • Added: Feb 07, 2020
  • Length: 10:57
From: Radio K
Series: K Local
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26 BATS!- Magnified Astralblak- Out in The Woods Super Flasher- Trance Thor CB- Jojo’s All Summer New Primals- Modern Lover Iceblink- Cellphone ...

  • Added: Feb 04, 2020
  • Length: 40:10
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In a turbulent world, its young people who are taking on the big problems we face. In this episode, RCP delves into the young activists making chan...

  • Added: Feb 03, 2020
  • Length: 30:34
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Internet Dating logged into our studio to play some songs for us!( Recorded 1.24.20 at Radio K.

  • Added: Jan 31, 2020
  • Length: 10:02
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Muun Bato flew into the studio ( to talk about being in many bands, hobbies, and The Beatles. Recorded 1.17.20 at ...

  • Added: Jan 30, 2020
  • Length: 08:09
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Lydia Liza popped into the studio ( to talk about their new album. Recorded 12.18.19 at Radio K.

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