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Caption: GAZA ASSAULT - 4-Minute Series, Credit: SLG
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GAZA ASSAULT - 4-Minute Series 

A unique inside perspective on the Middle East -- Interviews with long-time resident-Israeli Correspondent-Journalist David Dolan regarding Israel's intense response to the continued rocket attacks of Hamas from Gaza.

We interview long-time resident of Israel, David Dolan, who has worked in Israel since 1980 as a Correspondent-Journalist -- first, with the CBS Radio Network -- and now amid his book-writing and speaking tours in the United States and WorldWide -- he is reporting from his unique inside perspective, the behind-the-scenes events and day-to-day happenings as they unfold in and around Israel for audiences of the stations that broadcast this ''FOCUS On The MIDDLE EAST'' series -- from Public Radio WorldWide on the web at

The pieces in this series are six minutes each (0:05:59)

For further information, contact Stephen L. Gilbreath by e-mail at: or by telephone at: 212-241-0556

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Caption: GAZA ASSAULT - 4-Minute Series, Credit: SLG
FOCUS On The MIDDLE EAST - GAZA ASSAULT - Interview with Israeli-resident correspondent-journalist David Dolan.

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