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Peace Talks Radio: Weekly Hour Long Episodes (Series)

Produced by Good Radio Shows, Inc.

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More From "Playing For Change": The Peace Through Music Project

From Good Radio Shows, Inc. | Part of the Peace Talks Radio: Weekly Hour Long Episodes series | 59:00


Back in 2010, Peace Talks Radio did a program of an especially creative joining of music and peace.  An outfit called Playing For Change was flying around the globe to record an eclectic collection of musicians playing together on some popular songs to promote the power of music to bring us together.  In fact the Playing for Change motto was Peace Through Music. 

In the years since the first big Playing For Change video ("Stand By Me"), and that early report by us here at Peace Talks Radio, Playing for Change has continued to add to its collection of amazing worldwide performances.  We’ll hear some of the tracks from the project's 2018 CD called Listen To The Music, which included the title cut with members of the original Doobie Brothers who recorded it first in the 1970's, and again added musicians from around the world contributing to the track.

Again, we got Playing For Change producer Mark Johnson on the line with us from California to update us on the project.