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Playlist: Ruki Dogrusoyler's Portfolio

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Peace Talks Radio: Weekly Hour Long Episodes (Series)

Produced by Good Radio Shows, Inc.

Most recent piece in this series:

Seeking Peace on Earth: A PEACE TALKS RADIO Special (2018)

From Good Radio Shows, Inc. | Part of the Peace Talks Radio: Weekly Hour Long Episodes series | 59:01

20181124_204908_small PEACE TALKS RADIO, the radio series and podcast on peacemaking and nonviolent conflict resolution strategies offers up another compilation show based on a single season of its programs.  You’ll hear compelling excerpts from programs released in 2018.  Included are conversations about reducing sexual assault by understanding consent, promoting the development of empathy in young people, improving empathy among health care workers, techniques for healing trauma (including songwriting with veterans battling PTSD), humane policing, a history of Whiteness, and more.