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Playlist: American Jukebox

Compiled By: Michael McGrory

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American Jukebox ® (Series)

Produced by Garrett Stack

Most recent piece in this series:


From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox ® series | 01:58:00

Garrett Stack

Party_aj_311_small American Jukebox® 311

Songs about parties, and what you do at parties, fills this jam-packed edition of American Jukebox. Sam Cooke starts us off with the set-up of We're Having a Party. Then that Party Doll shows up with Buddy Knox. Chris Montez shouts to everyone, Let's Dance! Things get hoppin' with the Twist and the Watusi and before you know it we're Dancing in the Street with Martha and the girls.

A thump through the disco follows and we quench our thirst with margaritas thanks to Jimmy Buffet, tequila sunrises compliments of the Eagles and lots of wine on Neal Diamond, Nancy Sinatra and her friend Lee Hazlewood. Not everyone is happy with the drinks though. Tom T. Hall brings the beer. He says again, as usual, I Like Beer.

The Beatles Don't Want to Spoil the Party but signal that all good parties come to an end while Donna Summer summons us to the dance floor for one Last Dance.

A good time was had by all.