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Playlist: Audio Theatre and Drama

Compiled By: Miles Mowry

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Master Harold... and the Boys

From L.A. Theatre Works | Part of the L.A. Theatre Works series | 01:57:59

A story of friendship and racism in apartheid-era South Africa.

Master_harold_cover_small Athol Fugard’s politically-charged plays, presented with racially-integrated casts, often ran afoul of the South Africa’s National Party, which in 1965 passed a law forbidding mixed casts and audiences in public theatres. In spite of his government’s racist policies, Fugard rose to international prominence as a playwright, and through his art, gave voice to South Africa’s oppressed black majority.

Master Harold and the Boys stars Leon Addison Brown, Keith David and Bobby Steggert. Directed by Stuart K. Robinson.

Hour One includes a feature on the life of apartheid-era servants, and Hour Two includes an interview with playwright Athol Fugard.