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Playlist: Classical guitar

Compiled By: Don Maue

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Classical Guitar Alive! (Series)

Produced by Tony Morris

Most recent piece in this series:

19-38 Bach, Faure, Piazzolla, and more

From Tony Morris | Part of the Classical Guitar Alive! series | 58:57


TO: All Stations

FR: Tony Morris

DT: September 17, 2019

RE: ***** CLASSICAL GUITAR ALIVE!   Weiss, Bach, Ross Edwards premiere, Faure, Piazzolla******


In Cue: MUSIC IN "Hello and welcome to…"

Out Cue: "…another edition of Classical Guitar Alive!"

Program Length: 58:57



 Bizet: Carmen Suite: Prelude          Los Romeros, guitar quartet

                                             (Philips 412-609)


 Weiss: Partita in D                          Hopkinson Smith, lute



 Bach: Italian Concerto             Henderson-Kolk Duo

                                              (Henderson-Kolk 753182381862 )


Ross Edwards: Guitar Concerto “Arafura Dances     Karin Schaupp, guitar

                                                                Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra

                                                                Richard Mills, conductor

                                             (ABC Classics 476-277)


Faure: Sicilienne                  Duo Merindah

                                            (Duo Merindah 2012)


Piazzolla: Bordello 1900, Nightclub 1960    Ivan Rabaglia, violin

                                                                      Lorenzo Micheli, guitar

                                            (CD Stradivarius 33715)




This week's edition of CLASSICAL GUITAR ALIVE! features the world premiere recording of a new concerto by Australian composer Ross Edwards, and music by Silvius Leopold Weiss, Bach, Faure and Piazzolla.


Classical Guitar Alive! celebrates 21 years of national distribution, airing each week on over 200 stations, and is free to all stations. FUNDRAISER EDITION of Classical Guitar Alive! is available here, no carriage fee: http://www.prx.org/pieces/187790-fundraiser-editio


CGA! is a winner at PRX's 13th Annual Zeitfunk Awards: #1 Most Licensed Producer, and #2 Most Licensed Series.