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War and Place 54 minute version

From Liner Notes | Part of the LINER NOTES series | 54:59

Tom Brokaw and others discuss War Memorials, Veterans, Vietnam and Wars.

Unitedstatesflag_small LINER NOTES in an extraordinary hour entitled War and Place, Tom Brokaw and others discuss Memorials, Veterans, Vietnam and Wars. * Tom Brokaw, shares memories of his moving visits to Normandy and Pearl Harbor - how they changed his life, and enabled him to understand the great sacrifices of ordinary people, from hometowns like his. * Writer Maxine Hong Kingston helps Veterans put their memories on paper with "healing and writing workshops." * Distinguished novelist Robert Stone, ("Dog Soliders") discusses the cultural legacy of Vietnam. * Former Marine Wayne Karlin author of "War Movies: Journeys to Vietnam", shares stories about soldier/authors on both sides of that conflict and discusses how the picture of war in the movies has evolved over the years. * Writer Dana Sachs, ("A House on Dream Street") portrays the new Vietnam - a tourist mecca with fine food and beaches. She counsels us on where to travel and explains why Americans are surprisingly welcome. * Photographer Steve McCurry tells of his famous photo "Afghan Girl," and what he finds when he travels to war zones. * Psychoanalyst Emmanuel Kalftal takes a tape recorder with him as he travels to the place his parents met, Dachau, where he finds a living memorial, not a museum. * Michael Arad, architect of the prize-wining design for the 9/11 memorial at the former World Trade Center, helps us think about the power of place in mourning. * Phillip Gourevitch, editor of the Paris Review, who wrote "We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Familes", reflects on those who suffered through the ethnic conflicts in Africa. * Reporter Deborah George takes us to post war Sierra Leone to meet a young woman who will become her daughter. * Finally, we travel to a small town in Cornwall, England where a young evacuee from the London blitz, now 80, found a peaceful home for life.