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Produced by Andy Mills

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Summary: A child's Christmas thoughts spring into song.

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Just attended an event on Happiness, and one of the challenges was to notice and be aware of all the small things, the little snip-its of your day where something or someone put a smile on your face and made you happy. This morning driving in to work I heard this piece and just got a huge smile, ran into my place of business and looked it up on line. It now has provided several more little smiles throughout my day. So whimsical, creative and fun. The highlight of the piece for me is how she is so excited about the fact that she gets to eat them in the car sometimes that it perfectly comes out in a natural singing tone and pitch, which they so brilliantly harmonize with and build off of. Beautiful.

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Andy has just the right touch with music and sound. This is a lovely story, which provides a perfect end to our "Black Friday" edition of Where We Live.

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gets better each time I listen

Carefully, lovingly made. Intricate and dimensional, but also inviting. Thank you. Merry Christmas.

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Leaves you smilin

Nice piece, Andy Mills. I love the surprise of the vocals with the music, quoting the girl. The tune is sweet and uplifting, and it's a little silly in a Gregory Brothers kind of way -- which, as I said, left me smilin.

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goose bumps

aaaahhhhh adorable. Thank you for putting magic back in Christmas

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I like Christmas

There are really some beautiful moments in here. It's a nice blend of really catchy and well executed pop tones with fun audio moments. I liked when the rhythm followed her speech rhythm. I also really enjoyed the way her "yes" "no" and "maybes" were used playfully with the music. And finally, talking to a kid who's right in the transition from thinking Santa really brought the presents to figuring out the parents do is a great moment to document. I guess one of my few critiques is that the very beginning was a little choppy and confusing for me. I would actually start right at or really close to "I think Santa's really our parents." Oh, and this is super minute but her final quote left me confused. Does she NOT think her parents are Santa after all? She seemed pretty sure of it early on. All in all though - fun, cool stuff. Thanks for sharing and I hope to hear more soon.

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Sweet and creative

I love this piece. I hadn't been in the mood for Christmas until I listened to it. It brings back good memories of being a kid and being with family -- all the happy stuff about the holidays -- while being completely different than other Christmas pieces you've heard. The music and little girl are fabulous, too.