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Produced by Sam A. Mowry and the Willamette Radio Workshop

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Summary: Award winning adaptation of Mary Shelley's Classic, Faithfull and exciting.

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Review of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

A superbly crafted script that conveys a sense of realism through the sound effects and the proficiency of those playing the various characters. A tool that can be used for teaching as students will undoubtedly be brought closer to the events surrounding the characters.

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Review of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

Really great production value, you can just hear the quality. The acting is good and the actors well cast (often times a downfall). I noticed that the adaptation did not try to do too much in the way of draing people into an illusion. The sound effects aren't overwhelming or super realistic in terms of perspective, changing, or diversity, but who needs it? Today's listeners really aren't going to be too wowed by any audio drama production in terms of realism, it's just hard to believe that Dr. Frankenstein would speak into a microphone rather than appear in full costume in a facsimile of his own time period as captured by cameras. So I liked how the producers didn't invest too much energy in that, because it was obvious that more focus was put on acting and writing, these are enough to tell a good story. Bravo!

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Loved it

This was a brilliant retelling of a sad and painful tale. Bravo! Thank you for keeping me company while writing my cover letters. Awesome acting, presentation and production.