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The Outer Voices Podcast is the first podcast on international issues for a youth audience here in the U.S. We train professional international journalists in podcasting to be able to contribute cutting edge feature reporting from around the world on pressing current events. Our Student Editorial Board guides the podcast production, defining its content to make it more accessible for other high school age youth. A new episode is released every other week. Learn more at http://outervoices.org/wp.


If your piece is purchased by Outer Voices, you will receive royalties in the form of:
$100.00 flat fee


You agree to give Outer Voices a non-exclusive license to your piece for inclusion in the Outer Voice Podcast. Podcast episodes will be available for public download, may be posted to www.outervoices.org for streaming and/or download, and will be made available to radio stations for broadcast. We might do minor edits for length.

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