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PRX Remix is a hand-picked collection of the best stories from PRX's community of producers and beyond. Remix is 24/7 stream of creative audio works, interesting podcasts, cool ideas, fascinating interviews, found tape, and intriguing sounds. Most pieces are short (under 15 minutes), setting a fast pace that keeps listeners tuned in. There’s no traditional on-air host, no set program schedule, no standard public radio clock. Remix weaves in a continuously evolving set of catchy interstitials, IDs, and program promos that give the service a flow, voice, and identity.

PRX Remix takes several forms: satellite radio on XM 123, terrestrial broadcast on a growing number of local public radio stations, and Internet streaming at http://prx.mx. Additional distribution may include on-demand streaming access to all or portions of PRX Remix or to just a selected piece; downloading pieces as part of a segmented portion of the PRX Remix stream; and making the PRX Remix stream, compilations, or episodic content including pieces available for licensing to and use by others with the permission of PRX.

We occasionally need to edit pieces for length or other distribution requirements, but our aim is always to preserve the editorial integrity of selected works. Also, PRX may include advertisements or other sponsorship messages in connection with PRX Remix.

We created PRX Remix to showcase the best work we can find, create an exciting new format for public radio, and provide additional distribution, revenue, and creative opportunities for producers. We do our best to promote producers on the channel, so please include and alert us to any websites, promos, or other materials we can include on the PRX Remix website or social media.


If your piece is purchased by PRX Remix, you will receive royalties in the form of:
$0.75 per minute


You retain full copyright to your work, and in order for PRX to include your piece in PRX Remix we request certain rights required for distribution, specified here.

By opting-in to this agreement you give PRX non-exclusive permission to use, store, display, perform, publish, transmit, reproduce, modify, create derivative works of, and distribute your piece through any medium or technology, whether now known or developed in the future in connection with services offered by PRX. You also agree that if PRX includes your piece in a compilation or other similar product (for example, PRX Remix), PRX may allow third parties to distribute your piece as part of the compilation or similar product.