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Approaching the world's spiritual traditions with an open, curious mind. A radio show, a podcast, a movement. We strive to:

  • educate the public about the religious and ethical issues behind the news
  • explore the mystery of spiritual experience
  • invite guests and listeners from a wide diversity of traditions, including those with no religion
  • promote dialogue, especially on contentious moral topics
  • present many faith traditions and points of view – faithfully, clearly and compellingly


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Open any Torah, Bible or Koran, and the passages about homosexuality seem clear: being gay is an abomination; a sin; something that incurs the wrath of God. But for many, these interpretations are changing. "Gay in the Eyes of God" is a special production of Interfaith Voices, the leading religion news magazine on public radio. It explores the ways in which the major American religious traditions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) grapple with acceptance of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. Made with the support of the Arcus Foundation.


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Where does David Lynch go to find the dreamscapes that mystify and unnerve us? The director of 'Twin Peaks' pulls back the veil with writer Mitch H...

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President Trump's travel ban is on ice, but the questions it raises--who’s in, and who’s out-- well, sacred texts have been looking at that forever...

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A medley of people, young and old, describe what they are thankful for as we head into Thanksgiving. This piece has a special emphasis on religious...

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We trace the religious roots of the Olympic games, from Zeus to the Nazi Olympics, and on to the present day. And we profile 3 believers who find t...

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In a soundscape of surf, sand and spirituality, Father Father Christian Mondor recounts how he began riding waves at age 70. In water, he finds a m...

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Our Independence Day special has stories on the Fourth of July as an American High Holy Day, the faiths of our founding fathers, and Jefferson's cu...

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Science writer Eric Wargo says that for him, great space movies like Star Wars really are religion, re-linking, reconnecting him with something hig...

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The beloved "Star Trek" icon reflects on growing up in an Orthodox Jewish family in Boston, where he became captivated by the mystery and poetry of...

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Caption: Pictured: Hijras in India celebrating Koovagam, a Hindu festival dedicated to the deity Aravan., Credit: Wikipedia
Culture gives us permission - or denies us permission - to express what we find is true and real in ourselves. There is nothing natural, or inevita...

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The term "Hinduism" refers to a multitude of traditions, so it's no surprise that Hindu attitudes towards sexuality and homosexuality are complex. ...

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