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Review of 21-year-old Katrina survivor signing up for U.S. Army

Very good introduction, amazing! I loved it so much because we went from the calmness of your voice and music to this real place that we heard very well. Some advice, I think this could have been a stronger and shorter piece if you did some good editing. Also it would have been good if there was some narration because his story gets confusing and he sometimes back tracks which makes it more confusing. But this was very cool, he did an amazing job in telling his story. I felt as if I was there sitting right next to him and experiencing everything he was talking about, and that?s what good radio does. Last constructive comment, when doing an interview like this you have to make sure the background noise (ambience) is not to loud, or the person being interviewed is not to loud (good ?micing? skills will go a long way!) when it then becomes to hard to understand what?s being said. Overall this piece rocked I liked it allot! The reason I like this piece is allot is because of the meaning and the message it got across, I watched hundreds of reports on this issue but not one of them took me into this part of the problem, the personal part. Great job!