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Review of Friday Night At Epiphany's

Nice piece, great use of sounds and descriptions. I promise I will only give a few suggestions because I know how hard it is to do a piece like this. With so much to stay and such little time to say it all you did great. Be careful when using narration over background noise, in one part the background was so strong (loud) it took away from what you were saying. Also it sounds so cheesy when you say in narration ?I asked why? it would be better if you did it in the interview clear enough to cut in the tape, because it engages listeners more, instead of taking us to one scene then another then back again. Now back to the good part, you have a great voice for radio, in it your ethnicity comes through (great!). I think your piece is helping me and probably many others, to understand and like Metal music more, something I always hear and see but never pay attention to fully. Again really good job, you rock!!!