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Review of Hopeless in High School

Wow that is allot of information in such a short piece. You have a good voice for radio and did good narration! You?re bringing up so many reasons as to why there are so many kids dropping out of high school. Unfortunately not everyone understands, and your piece helps make people understand a little more. It?s weird in your story you say nobody discouraged you from dropping out, sounding (in your voice) as if you wanted someone to discourage you, you should have dove deeper into that part. Also doing a piece like this is so easy, good writing and some recording. It would have been better if you picked up the microphone and did more recording and more interviewing, instead of telling, let us hear it! Good job on interviewing your mother although she sounded pretty nervous?it?s always hard to get the realness out of people when you have an eight inch microphone in their face. Lastly your piece brings light into an issue, and for once gives your (teen) perspective of ?what?s going on?. Nice JOB