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Review of In a Bubble

As a radio producer, I'm attracted to people who are outgoing, talkative and opinionated. The reason is simple: When I place my microphone nearby, they don't flinch. Which bring us to the topic of this delicate story by Hillary Frank. Produced for Chicago Public Radio's "Chicago Matters" series on education, Frank stalks the crowded, noisy school hallways and finds the shy kids. And then she succeeds in getting them to talk about themselves. "Some people don't realize I'm there until I leave," says one girl, very gently and slowly. And then there's this from a boy: "They call me the stupid, quiet kid." These teenagers worry about how their shyness will affect their ability to get dates, talk in front of a class and all kinds of stuff. It's easy to forget the struggles some people face when you're naturally outgoing.