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Review of Selling A Papers

Your intro was unique and really funny. Your story is just one long narration with one instance of another person?s perspective, which I thought was funny ?prostituting papers? LOL! It would have been nice and more work (of course) to interview your mom and ask her ON MIC what she thinks about you selling your term papers, instead of just having you tell us how she feels. Last constructive criticism ill mention (I promise) is the way you read your narration. It doesn?t sound as if I am fully connected with you or hearing the real you. Maybe it?s me, but I suggest the next time you do a story just pretend your speaking to a friend and then you?ll sound more real and much less scripted. But I love your topic and how you approached it and bringing us through your journey, step by step. Also you make a really good point at the end! Great job!!! I WANT TO HEAR MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!