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Review of Leaving the Mountains

Wow this piece is amazing! Your absolutely right, most people are very close-minded when it comes to this issue, but there are pretty strong arguments f or and against immigration. I don?t have a strong stance for or against immigration simply because I listen to stories like yours. This is truly one reason why radio and this web site are so important, it brings issues like this to the table. You?re not just another number that CNN reports on. You?re a person, with a family, with a dream and with a story. We need more stories like this. When I took a trip to Kentucky I stood in a hotel but I had the chance to speak to kids your age and this is exactly what they were talking about, and mostly every graduating senior from high school was moving out. In your story I would have liked to heard some ways people do survive and manage to live in your area, like what jobs do they take, etc. your piece is so short I would have liked a longer piece. But somehow you managed to get so much information across is such a little time without sounding confusing. You did an amazing job and I want to hear more! EXCELLENT JOB!!!!!!