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Review of Gay Marriage In Texas: Talking About Proposition 2

Your have a good radio voice! Be careful when pronouncing words quickly. Great introduction to your story it brings us in without making us confused. Also you don?t have to give away your tape in your story by saying ?I had to bring my recording equipment to record? its better if we just hear that, making it more interesting and compelling. Great sound recording at the event I would have liked it more if you gave a good description of the place how did it look and feel. And also it would have been good if you gave reasons to why you ?had? to go to the event. Great interviews! They really got my brain thinking about the issue more. Also you said it ?bias?; maybe you should have tried a little harder to get the opposing opinion in..I think that?s enough advice for one piece, Overall your piece was amazing! I honestly liked this one allot.The intro, the middle and the outro was excellent!!! It made something ?boring? into something very interesting. Again your sounds was AMAZING!!!! GREAT JOB! Cant wait to hear your other pieces! ! !