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Review of Here I Am, Saying Thanks To My Mom

You grab me in your first few words...?Momma you had it hard..?! Often times I had to reply the story a few seconds back just to catch what you said, you have to be very careful in saying your words clearly..and also keeping it as real as you did. Your voice and the music in the background gave off a huge sense of sadness, but this story was about giving birth and the heavy burden your mom had to face....which makes me think, did your mom die while having you? (You didn?t mention it in your story.) This is a great mothers day piece! Your one narrative feature is short, but great! Its like a Halmark card and there are parts in your story where it sounds as if your rhyming, cool! Great use of sounds, the curtains pulling and the baby crying, amazing! I want to know and hear more!!!!! And that?s what a good piece does!