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Review of Attention Deficit Drugs Black Market on Campus

Very true and honest story. I think your story is just simply the tip of the ice berg (regarding college problems)! I applaud you for coming out (yourself once an addict) and shed light to this problem. But I sort of felt your story sold the drug to me. It was focused more on the positive consequences it had and less on the negative effects. Besides being addictive like coffee is there any other bad consequences the drug has? Because the drug does not sound that bad, but being addictive, it helps keep people in focus and helps them get there work done. See this is the problem your story doesn?t paint the whole picture. But I am glad you beat the addiction maybe your next story can be on, ways to prevent the abuse of this drug. But on the positive side you had allot of people in your story and you managed to put them all in without making it confusing for the listeners, great job. Can?t wait to hear more about this story, you rock!!!!