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Review of Reflections on Return: Wounded Iraq War Veteran

His voice is uniquely intensifying, his accounts are amazing! He has so much courage and strength and I think it?s very obvious. And what?s so shocking to me is that after all his wounds he wants to return back and continue to fight in the war. I think its so mysteriously amazing how this once normal kid with two ?special needs? siblings is now himself emotionally challenged. He is an amazing kid and I think what he is doing, talking about it helps allot. He mentions something about his age, but he doesn?t say what his age is, I think it would have been better if you included his age (it helps sets a better picture). Also what is his condition called? Is it a condition? Does this happen to everyone who return from war? All these questions remain unanswered. But I understand sometimes time is often limited in doing a story, but you want to always try to include all the important details as much as you can. Overall AWESOME JOB!!!!