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Review of Southwest Side Stories: Crazy Jimmy

Good story! Good sounds! Good narration! Excellent description! I think there is a ?Crazy Jimmy? in all of our neighborhoods. But you did something different, something ?youth radio? is all about, you stopped and noticed and brung us into a world we commonly over look. I applaud you for that (Yaa!!!). But your own doubt of your mother makes me question how much of Jimmy?s life is true. A journalist never says ?well that?s what my mom said?, me hearing that was a let down. You should have interviewed Jimmy, and found out FOR SURE what happened. Is Jimmy homeless? What ?routine? did Jimmy start? Where does Jimmy sleep? These important question remain unanswered in your piece. And also collecting sound is very important, you have good traffic sound but I could hear that when I walk outside, it would have been nice to hear those sounds you said Jimmy always makes. Lastly, your story was good, it takes allot of courage to face people like that and approach it with respect! YOU ROCK! Keep the stories coming! Can't wait to hear the next one!!!