Piece Comment

Review of Apology Line Homage

This piece shows just how easy it is to say sorry! Are these kids really sorry??? And is the piece really about forgiveness??? Or was the piece a time for people to write up there apologies? The girl testimony about being a prostitute for drug?s, was unbelievable! I can?t really feel the emotion in some of these kids it just seems like a competition of who did the worst things! But the third girl in this piece said it all ?An apology is nothing more I can give you? (if I got the meaning of what she was trying to say right). Then I thought I felt it in the kid, the wanting of forgiveness, but right after he said sorry for killing his dog and describing the whole violent situation, he said ?I did what I had to do to protect my friend? So I am lost here! Pieces like these make people very angry, angry in the sense of trust and honesty. Are we the listeners getting the truth? In this case are those teens really sorry for all the stupid (it really is) things they did? And sadly I cannot say yes, at least not for all of the teens in this piece. Sorry but when you do something bad; don?t apologize unless you truly mean it! (And if you really where sorry and for some reason everything you wanted to say could not make it in the piece then forgive me!)