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Review of Jincho

Your story was very interesting. I had no ideal that this goes on even between people who are so similar. I learned allot of stuff from your story, that I probably wouldn't have learned in school. You see your piece is a reason why youth reporters are so important, they tell stories that would never be heard and just go unchecked, but now because of people like you we know about this know. I know for sure after listening to your story I am going to try my best to make the new immigrants of every race, culture, etc. in my school feel comfortable, because if is was I, I would want the same. In your story you focused so much on one side ( the people who where picked on) it would have been very interesting to hear more from the people who where being racist and discriminating..asking them simple questions like ?why do you pick on these new immigrants?? Also with radio stories you have to try your absolute best to make sure people can understand you, your accent makes your story unique but you have to be careful and not go to fast so we listeners can understand and put our full attention into the story and not your words....you rock man!!!