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Review of A Gift for Tia, Long Overdue

Great piece! Very touching. This is a very simple piece, that yet had so much emotion, the depth of your voice and the constant mood you kept with it gave this a one mood piece. Meaning my emotions when listening to your piece didn?t change I felt this one mood of a person asking for forgiveness...for some reason I pictured you on your knees with your hands together looking at the sky. Your descriptions in the beginning is amazing I mentally saw and felt it all, the setting, the room, the environment and the feelings. What would have been great is if you mentioned how old you where, because it gives listeners a understanding of your mind set and understanding of the situation. Also you said ?we would visit Tia every week?, it would be helpful if you said who, because going to see your grandmother with your friends sets a different picture then going to see your grandma with your sisters, brothers, or mother and father. Little stuff like that is important because telling a radio story is all about making a mental understanding of the situation, either in your description or in your sounds, its imperative! The last thing that would have also been helpful is if you gave Tia?s age and reason of death. Lastly I really liked your piece, a great job!