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Caption: Stan Lee
A feature-style interview with Stan Lee looking back at his life and career.

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Caption: Chase Masterson: Founder of the Pop Culture Hero Coalition
According to the National Center for Educational Statistics more than one in five students report being the victim of bullying, but the number of c...

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Caption: Cress Williams at 2018 San Diego Comic Con
This package features a short music bed before and after the piece. It looks at the rise of Black Lightning and why the time has arisen now, the re...

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  • Length: 04:32
Caption: Shore Leave is a place to meet old friends or meet new writers. R2D2 designed by the R2 Builders Club (left) Author Stephen Stephen Kozeniewski  (right), Credit: Andrew Hiller
Imagination… the final frontier. These are the adventures of the fan con Shore Leave whose thirty-nine year mission has been to bring together auth...

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  • Length: 04:41
Caption: Comic Writer Stan Lee makes more than a cameo in Washington
Stan Lee, the creator of American Pop Culture myths like Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk, and Iron Man, will take part in the fifth annual Awesome ...

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  • Length: 03:47
Piece image
Political Cartoons have had a role in our social consciousness since 1754 when Benjamin Franklin printed "Join or Die." Now, Smithsonian Exhibition...

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Caption: Julie Millilo is one of many indie authors hoping to break through at comic cons around the country
People go to Comic Cons to meet celebrities, buy collectables, have a good time, but there's also those who go to make their name. Cons have becom...

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Caption: Sincce 2009, the Bodhana Group uses role playing games like Ghostbusters to teach problem solving, conflict resolution, and to help identify problems, Credit: The Bodhana Group
Since 2000, the Bodhana group has been using role playing games and board games as therapeutic tools. By using play, Executive Director Jack Berken...

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Caption: Dr. Cthulittle is a new graphic story that marries Lovecraft with Dr. Dolittle, Credit: Mark Wheatley
Award winning Graphic Novelist and illustrator, Mark Wheatley sits down with Andrew Hiller to talk about the launch of his new book Dr. Cthulittle ...

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Caption: Actor John Barrowman at Awesome Con
Actor John Barrowman is renowned for his roles in Dr. Who, Torchwood, and the Arrow, but what's less known is his work as an author. Andrew Hiller ...

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  • Length: 07:03
Caption: Andrew HIller
A commentary about the recent pay scandals and court decisions involving student athletes. Plus, a plan to resolve the controversy. Recently, Peo...

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Caption: Andrew Hiller
Pretty soon, you're going to start hearing warnings about the War on Christmas... Now, that battle may be hard to spot through the blinking red a...

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Caption: Five-time Emmy Award winner Fran Brill, the first woman hired by Jim Henson for Sesame Street (seen here with Zoe) is retiring after 42 years , Credit: Jim Henson Legacy
Cobblestones: Jim Henson from A to Zoe is a sound rich special that includes original interviews, clips, music, and new skits with many of the orig...

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Caption: Andrew Hiller
A commentary about the controversy related to President Obama's comments that we are interdependent or "If you were successful, somebody along ...

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Caption: Dave Goelz on set, Credit: Photo Courtesy of Dave Goelz
A one hour special featuring performers, writers, and puppeteers who worked with Jim Henson from the beginning. The program includes interviews, o...

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Caption: Cravin' Dogs at the Black Cat in 1995, Credit: Courtesy of Steve Reda
There probably aren’t many trails along the Cobblestone path that the Cravin’ Dogs haven’t wandered down. From dives and coffee shops to concert ha...

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  • Length: 05:32
Caption: The Bucktown Village Store where Harriet Tubman received a head injury that would impact her entire life, Credit: courtesy of Andrew Hiller
This feature explores the life and some of the myths of Harriet Tubman with interviews by experts from Cambridge, MD, the town where "Moses" was bo...

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Caption: Lt. Col. Ivan Ware, Credit: Courtesy Air Force Magazine
Lt. Col. Ivan Ware has known war. For thirty-two months, he served in Europe. He’s been bombed at, shot at, and fought back. But his battles did...

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Caption: PRX default Piece image
An open and blunt profile of two individuals who live daily with an invisible disease with added insight from the National Multiple Sclerosis Socie...

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Caption: Chic Silber, Credit: Courtesy: Andrew Hiller
West Side Story, Carousel, Man of La Mancha, Amadeus, Wicked-- You may not know Chic Silber, but you probably know at least some of the spectacles ...

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  • Length: 08:09