All Pieces for Charles Spira

Caption: Berne, Switzerland
Belgian, Canadian, French and Swiss artists contribute to this program of French Popular Music specially created for English Speaking audiences. No...

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  • Length: 27:51
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Caption: Pub de l"Etoile in Besançon
You'll discover 6 Francophone Songs Introduced in English, from France Gall, the teenage idol from the seventies, to the artist Zaz, honoring the ...

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  • Length: 29:04
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Caption: Colorful Roofs in Québec City
A Mosaic of songs by Francophone artists that will delight you even if you do not speak a word of French. When you'll listen to the songs you'll k...

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Caption: A Crowded French Riviera Beach in the Summer.
In this episode of "Bonjour Chanson" French artists are outnumbered by their foreign brothers and sisters. Enjoy the best of French Language Popul...

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Caption: Angoulème
Francophone artists from three countries perform in this episode of "Bonjour Chanson": France, Canada and Belgium. This program series was created...

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Caption: Le Mans, France
Six Francophone Artists, 4 of recent fame, 2 well-established are introduced in English with one of their songs. No knowledge of French is needed ...

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Caption: Brussels, Mont des Arts
The French language songs in this episode are full of emotion, ranging from the expression of attachment to one's city to the proclamation of the b...

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Piece image
A woman worries because her lover is staring at the moon with sadness in his heart. Is he about to leave her? Will he accept her invitation to walk...

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  • Length: 05:55
Caption: Nyon, Lake Geneva, Switzerland
We bring French Chanson to English speaking audiences. No need to understand French. This episode spans the range from Jacques Brel to the hot new...

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Caption: French postage stamp with portrait of Jacques Prévert by Pablo Picasso, Credit: Olga Popova
Great new French language songs rub shoulders with well-established ones in this episode of "Bonjour Chanson" and they mutually enhance each other....

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Piece image
Marcel Mouloudji, theater and movie actor, painter and songwriter, daydreams about meeting the one he'll love in the song "One Day You Will See"

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  • Length: 04:14
Caption: Free At Last!
When the Germans started the deportation of Jews in Antwerp, Belgium in 1942, Charles Spira was 4 years old. This is the story how Charles, his mo...

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Piece image
Six Francophone artists born respectively in Senegal, Canada, the Réunion Island, France and Algeria interpret beautiful French language songs. W...

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Piece image
Gaetane Abrial unabashedly declares her love, passion and desires in the song "Unknown Flavors" co-written with André Manoukian.

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  • Length: 04:50
Piece image
We'll listen to "My Freedom" (Ma Liberté) one of the great songs of the French repertoire about two kinds of love. The Love of our freedom, that a...

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  • Length: 04:31
Caption: Canal de la Robine, Narbonne
6 Francophone Artists are introduced with one of their songs to English speaking audiences. They will dazzle with their charisma.

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Piece image
La Grande Sophie (Tall Sophie) asks her lover to keep writing and open up to her.

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Caption: Rennes
The six Francophone songs in this episode form a colorful palette of very different emotions. You'll hear about the artists and their songs in Engl...

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Piece image
"I love you", three short words, full of sweetness, but there are undercurrents and a darker side, as Jean-Jacques Goldman tells us in his song "Kn...

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Piece image
We have crossed swords, we have suffered sleepless nights. Do we dare reach out to each other with open arms?

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