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Caption: Apollo 11 on a 1969 Small-Screen TV
In the 1960's some in our nation craved more answers about our universe. Here you'll witness the realities that surrounded us then, and the effort...

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"To write a symphony is, for me, to construct a world," said Mahler. Hear unique historical comment and quotes from biographers, authors, conductor...

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The highs and lows of presidential history told through a variety of music, comedy, sounds, and voices from FDR to Obama and Trump, plus eventful r...

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Caption: Eyeing the Pass, Credit: Charlie Warren - while backpacking the Wind River Range in Wyoming's Rocky Mountains
An extensive journal of the life and music of one of the most creative and popular performers of the late 20th Century.

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A dramatic fast-moving presentation of the music, history, and voices, of World Wars I & II, Korea, Vietnam, The Gulf War, Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghan...

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Caption: The railworker's motel-on-wheels Camp Car is on the siding
From mining to manufacturing, housework to ranching, hear the factual history and realities of American labor, wages, employment, progress, quitti...

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Music and comments that take your listeners into the heart of America, including a powerful presentation of our 200+ year old national anthem.

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Caption: French Coast Dead Ahead, Credit:
A powerful remembrance of the preparation, execution, and aftermath of Operation Overlord, June 6, 1944.

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Caption: World War II graves at Arlington National Cemetary, Credit: L. Sponsler
An objective, entertaining, and respectful music/sound chronicle of America’s war history starting with the Civil War, which spurred the eventual c...

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A dramatic retelling of the challenging American expedition to climb the world's highest mountain in 1963.

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Caption: Into Autumn, Credit: L. Sponsler
A sound picture of nature's restful season of change and anticipation, along with its accompanying human happenings, all framed by music as varied ...

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Caption: Summer on the Maine coast, Credit: L. Sponsler
A variety of music, sounds, and summer facts take you to the beach, the mountains, summer movies, baseball games, and summer camp, all with a dash ...

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An assuring hour of music and information about the promising resurgence of spring, including rare facts about the featured music and the reasons f...

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Caption: Sunset on ice coated Sylvan Lake, Pontiac, Michigan, Credit: C. Warren
A warm smooth-flowing mix of intriguing facts, gentle humor, and a variety of pop, soft-rock, classical, alternative, film, and show tunes, current...

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Caption: The Rocky Mountains' famous Moffat Tunnel, Credit: Copyright C. Warren
Top performers of the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s take us on a musical journey through the past, present, and future accompanied with facts about...

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