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My friend Beverley tells the story of an uncomfortable encounter she had at a German-themed restaurant in Australia.

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Caption: Margaret & Danae
Danae wanted to get Margaret something very, very special for her golden birthday. So she planned an elaborate surprise for her. But Margaret doesn...

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We hit the streets to find out what people remember best (and worst) about Sesame Street.

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Caption: Good Fences Make Good Neighbors, Credit: Andrew Walsh
What makes a good neighbor? Should neighbors be friends? Who was the worst neighbor you ever had?

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Caption: Ryan Clark and his brother created Grammy-nominated album art for the band Norma Jean., Credit: Andrew Walsh
Album covers are shrinking. Gone are the days of the 12". Now designers have to create art that looks good on tiny i-Pod screens. Ryan Clark is one...

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Caption: Liam Computes, Credit: Andrew Walsh
Liam McLeod is a typical 4-year-old: He can't tie his shoes, but he can use a computer better than some adults.

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Caption: A Garage Sale Find, Credit: Photo by Genevieve Haas
Veteran garage sale hunter Steve Fry takes us on a Saturday morning tour of garage sales in his neck of the woods outside Manchester, New Hampshire.

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  • Length: 05:04