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Caption: Lithograph by Calvert Litho. Co., circa 1890, Credit: Wikipedia Commons
Updated: Sep 22, 2009


After hearing "The Rolling Diamonds" from the Salt Institute of Documentary Studies, I really wish I'd had my recorder with me when I visited a dusty circus in the Indian desert. But alas, there are plenty of cool circus stories on PRX.
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Updated: Sep 22, 2009


What is it that makes us want to buy? Is it necessity? Packaging? Image? Price? The documentaries, stories and commentaries in this playlist explore our consumer impulses through several prisms. Jonathan Mitchell's fantastic documentary "City X" examines the shopping mall. (I love the first...
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Updated: Sep 21, 2009


We created a documentary about the environmental consequences of death called "Death's Footprint," so we looked around PRX for some other death-related stories, commentaries and documentaries. We found a nice little mix of selections, including pieces on Hmong and Jewish funerals, the portrayal...